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Follow this link if you'd like to meet with a group of Perl enthusiasts using Meetup.Com, rather than as a club group:

We're proud to announce, that the perl users' group is finally "arriving" to serve the greater Reno/Lake Tahoe region. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Group Organizer, Tom Poe


You'll find us to be an eclectic group, somewhat motley at times, but certainly dedicated. We believe that Open-Source is a way of life, and perl represents the finer things of that life.

As a beginning, we are focusing on the following organizational building blocks:

Over time, this organization will become a valuable resource to both the community and the greater Reno/Lake Tahoe region. For now, though, we've got a library, lab, and a whole lot of community needs to fill.



Currently, we have one list ready for you. To subscribe, please follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to: RENOTAHOE-PM LIST. In the body of the message, write: subscribe renotahoe-pm (enter your email address here)
  2. When you receive the confirmation, you must send a new email back to, with your authentication line in the body of the email. Simply replying does not work at this time.
  3. Once you receive the welcome message, take a moment and send an introduction, both to let everyone know you're successfully on board, and to test to make sure there's no glitches.
  4. If you have any questions, or problems, just let me know.

I'll update you here, when I get control of the archives situation, and you can then review previous posts.

You might also follow the same steps to subscribe to other Perl Mongers lists:


Weblogs, or Blogs, have some interesting features that complement or enhance the communications for collaborative projects. Well, that's us. So, we've set up "Perls_Log" through the courtesy of Open Studios, a nonprofit, Open Source Project for creating low-cost community-based recording studios that provide FREE recording services. If you're interested in learning how you can become part of the Team, and use the Weblog, either email the group, or send me a message directly.

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The late summer and fall seasons had us taking in two computers donated to the Cristina Foundation for placement in the RenoTahoe area. We've targeted the "Miguel's Park" folks and their Rec Center facility as a candidate. If all goes well, these two computers will be the beginning of a nice computer club for those kids, with volunteer help from various techie groups in the area helping out. If it doesn't work out, we're open to suggestions, and hope you'll contact us right away.

December 12, 2001:
Well, the Reno Parks and Recreation idea was a no-show. Too bad, and we'll keep trying. You would think they would at least acknowledge the offer, but no such luck.
Today, we delivered a computer to Mr. Tyrone Brooks, at Special Recreation Services, Inc., a 501[c](3) organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults who have developmental disabilities through programs designed to improve cognitive skills, physical development and emotional well-being.

Whew! Quite a mouthful. At any rate, the computer is targeted for "Rick", who is excited about some games, and being able to keep his grocery list in order. Since the computer has a read/write CDROM, Tyrone is thinking of projects that will take advantage of this feature, and generate revenues with projects the children and adults come up with. Should be lots of fun. Makes one wish they had more computers, eh?

March 10, 2002:
If you go up to, you should find information about the K12LSTP Project. This takes the model developed in Largo, Florida, and streamlines the setup for school-based networks. Great stuff. They did it with a school in Melbourne, Florida, and now, we're starting the Reno Pilot Program. We have two computers remaining from those donated through the National Cristina Foundation, and are seeking individuals or companies that can provide two to five more for a demonstration setup to pass around to schools, heck, even companies or other groups. Let me know if you have a lead. Let me know, if you want to sign on and take charge. (grin)

Fri Apr 12 20:07:01 2002:

A couple of items have come up. The first is, we want to encourage all educators, teacher-assistants, and anyone who has an interest in seeing linux in schools [donated equipment, free software, lots of support] to go up to the site and join the SuSE-schools-usa mailing list.

Next, Studio For Recording, Inc., a nonprofit organization, has its web site at: This outfit is dedicated to creating community-based recording studios that provide FREE recording services for community residents. This is an exciting and desperately needed service, in more ways than what is obvious. We need everyone to step up and help them get the show on the road. Please contact Tom, and see what you can do to help. Mostly, we need personal referrals to activists and "movers and shakers in the Reno/Tahoe area".

Fri May 3 20:42:10 2002:
During our preparation for moving donated computers into the schools in the local area, it became apparent to us that there are issues that will have to be resolved, before much headway along these lines can be made.

Microsoft has put up a web site that declares, among other proclamations, that
"It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with the machine for the life of the machine."

Now, what is a school supposed to do with a statement like that? It is not only outrageous, it is a absolutely devastating to the concept of Donated Computers. For a thorough understanding of just what damage is done, with such a statement as the above, you are encouraged to read a Comment filed with the Tunney Act litigation HERE.

There is a concerted effort, now, as our group works with other organizations to clarify and correct this terrible injustice from a company that seeks to deliberately squelch the donations of computers around the country and around the world, in order to increase its' profits. By the way, that statement is absolutely FALSE as it stands. A donated computer can have any, or no, OS on it, when donated. The issue is exclusive to those institutions that would prefer the computer include a Microsoft Windows setup, ONLY! From a cost savings perspective, though, why would any school prefer a Microsoft solution, considering the costs, and liabilities at this point in time?
More Later . . . . .

Thu Jun 6 14:22:56 2002:
Here's a BOOK REVIEW on WEB DEVELOPMENT WITH APACHE AND PERL, by Theo Petersen, published by Manning Publishers. Manning contacted the group and asked if we would accept a copy of the book, and review it, and we did. I wrote the article, and now have the book. Anyone that wants to check the book out [and return it when done for others to use], contact me at the email address listed above. You'll like it.

Fri Oct 25 10:13:29 2002
Just a reminder to everyone in the greater Reno-Tahoe area, that we assist any nonprofit organizations that want to gather donated computers and put Open Source Software. Training and support is also provided. Can't beat that offer with a stick, so email us when you're ready. The holiday season's upon us, and now would be a good time to get your organization ready for the New Year.


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